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Volvo Limits Their New S60 Black Edition to 450 Examples

You are currently viewing Volvo Limits Their New S60 Black Edition to 450 Examples
Volvo S60 Black Editions Available for Hundreds of Examples
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Volvo has announced it will be adding a special Black Edition to an array of available packages for the S60 sedan. It will join the ranks of Black Edition models. This will add darkened design elements for a more really a more sinister look.

The Volvo S60 Black Edition does build on the standard car. It is limiting to just 450 examples for 2022. It is available for the mild-hybrid S60 Momentum and R-Designs Trims and plug-in hybrid S60 Recharge.

Volvo S60 Exterior Features

Also, it does add 19-inch high gloss black wheels and plus standard metallic paint. Moreover, it does also get a high-gloss black grille, Volvo badge, and grille slash, plus high-gloss exterior trim. It does make it distinct from all other S60 models. At the back of the badging includes the model name, the Volvo wordmark, and the motor designation which is finishing in black, while it has darkened tailpipes round out the look.

In fact, the S60 Black Edition is really only available in two colors. The S60 Black Edition, for those who love a black look, can be trimming in Onyx Black Metallic. The Crystal White Metallic paint is finishing for those who love a contrast.

The S60 Black Edition was developed just for the U.S. market. It was conceiving at Volvo’s U.S. design studio in California. Also, the project was led by Volvo Cars USA head of design Eric Beak. Moreover, it was developing and approving in near-record time. Thirteen years ago, the first study did begin.

In November 2021, the timeline for its move to market was accelerating once the executive saw the car. It was because they had “fallen in love” with the design. Plus, they will be arriving at the select dealers this spring. Also, the customers who are interesting in the Black Edition should, in fact, contact their dealers for availability. The prices do start at under $40,000 depending on the trim.

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