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Vehicle Transport Extends Beyond Just Cars

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Though our name may imply that we only do car shipping, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Denver Car Shipping can transport any vehicle that you may need. Here are a few of the services that we offer for vehicles that may need some special care while in transit.


Trucks of all kinds are welcome on our trailers. From consumer pickup trucks to commercial semis, truck transport is something that we have extensive experience with. Even if these transports meet the standards for a heavy haul, Denver Car Shipping can easily make it happen. Sometimes, these trucks require specialized trailers to accomplish transport. For example, if you have a box truck and a bit of extra cargo you want shipped, we can make use of a step deck trailer to haul both your truck and the goods that you need shipped.


The word “trailer” can refer to a number of things. Some people have RVs that they consider trailers, like a 5th wheel. Others have the same trailers that we use to haul vehicles and need them to get to a new location. For any of these types of trailers, Denver Car Shipping has a transport solution. Our team works with trailers of all kinds every day, so you know we have the knowledge to keep your trailers safe out on the road.


Boat transport presents some of the most unique challenges. Boats often come to us with their own trailers that need shipping along with the boats themselves. Sometimes those trailers can be loaded onto one of ours, but sometimes they are too large. In those cases, we can send one of our trucks to pick up the trailer, which is called “pull-away transport.” Some boats are tiny dinghies, but large boats like yachts may require oversize permits. Though boats come with their own set of challenges, know that Denver Car Shipping can make it happen.

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