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UVMask Creators Reluctantly Honor Satisfaction Guarantee After Settlement

You are currently viewing UVMask Creators Reluctantly Honor Satisfaction Guarantee After Settlement
UVMask Creators Have to do Right by Their Customers
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UVMask Creators Measure Inc is going to have to honor its “100% satisfaction guarantee” to customers who purchased its product. This came about because the Colorado Attorney General’s Office announced a settlement agreement with them.

Crowdfunding efforts on June 25, 2020, became for Measure. It was under the company name UM Systems it was through Kickstarter and Indiegogo accounts. Also, the project did acquire $4,194,731 through those sites from 34,065 backers. It was by mid-October of last year. There was a total of 425 of those backers were Coloradans. They pledged a combined $89,000.

UVMask – Refund Policy

Also, Measure then did change its refund policy plus limiting the terms. Also, it promised to honor its earlier policy to those customers. They had paid for the product prior to the change in the refund policy. The company did not.

Measure is going to refund any of the 425 Coloradans who request one in the settlement agreement.

A $100,000 fine was paying by the company. There is an additional $50,000 fine that is going to be levied. That is if the company does fail to comply with the terms of the agreement.

The face maks is a dual-filtration system as advertised by Measure which is capable of filtering the air with particle-purifying LED lights. This is in addition to the standard ‘passive’ fabric system. The LED device is ISO accrediting it is claimed.

Ninety-nine percent of the airborne pathogens would then be eliminating. The time is being referring to as ‘experimental.’

“The Colorado consumers are made vulnerable by the fear amidst a global pandemic. They did purchase an experimental mask product. It is believing it would keep them safe. Also, in some cases, they invested hundreds of dollars,” Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said.

“This company has neglected to honor its promises to consumers. They did want their money back. In fact, this settlement is going to ensure that the company fulfills its promise and customers who are unsatisfied. It would be with the product will have their money returned.”

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