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5 Urban Legends that Haunt Truckers

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Truck drivers have an incredible tough job. Spending long hours isolated behind the wheel, not being able to relax due to the long miles ahead of them. Driving on some of the loneliest roads in country with no taillights in sight for hours, it is not uncommon that they have come across strange situations, some which have become urban legends.

One element that these urban legends all share is they all play on our deepest, darkest fears. It is the reason why some truckers hesitate to retell their experiences on the road for fear that it is their own mind playing tricks on them or the last thing they want to contemplate is their mind going crazy.

Despite how scary or unexplainable these urban legends are, one thing is for certain, you are not alone. Below are 5 urban legends that still makes a truck driver weary of driving alone, check them out!


One of the oldest and most common urban legends that still preys on truck drivers or any drivers fears of driving alone, especially at night, is encountering a hitchhiker on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride. Being miles from anywhere, a good Samaritan would often offer them a ride. Only to find out that as soon as they reach the hitchhiker’s destination they simply vanish without a trace. There are several tales that recount a story like this, and it remains a popular urban legend to this day.


There have been stories of a black dog appearing as a warning to truckers who are sleep deprived making them get off the road as soon as possible because danger is close. When a truck has been driving too long, a black dog will run in front of the truck alerting the driver to become aware of their surroundings. Legends say that the black dog appeared to a truck driver who suddenly lost his life when he fell asleep behind the wheel and not his 4-legged companion warns others of the danger.


This legend begins when a trucker has pulled into a rest stop and sets up for the night. When they suddenly hear small footsteps approaching their truck followed by a knock on the passenger door. The truck is met with two small children who say “Our parents will be here soon, can we stay with you?” Until the trucker is met with a blinding light and the children suddenly disappear…


Years ago, a trucker driving through a lonely highway noticed a light on his dashboard and his oil temperature drop suddenly. Worried that he might breakdown in the middle of nowhere, he pulled over to investigate. As he was laying underneath his truck he suddenly blacked out. Not knowing how long he was out, he was woken up by someone grabbing him by the foot and dragging him along the road. He shouted at them to stop, startling them and causing them to run off and disappear.


A well-known urban legend was encounter by a trucker a few years back at a meet and turn. This is where two truckers will meet and switch trailers before heading back home. Well one night, this trucker arrived at his stop one hour early. He decided to take a quick nap before the other driver’s arrival. About 10 minutes into his nap, he is suddenly awoken by a loud ravished barking outside his truck. Figuring that is was just a dog, he decided to look outside his truck only to find out that it was a large man standing outside, frothing at the mouth barking straight at him.

Well these 5 urban legends are good enough to make the hairs at the back of our neck raise, if you have any strange encounters please let us know in the comments below!

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