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United Airlines Makes the “Skies” More Friendly Bumping up Wages to $20

You are currently viewing United Airlines Makes the “Skies” More Friendly Bumping up Wages to $20
Denver Workers Get Pay Increase Working for United Airlines
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United Airlines does plan to boost its starting hourly wage for particular Denver positions to almost $20 on March 13. In fact, the pay bump to $19.64 per hour does apply to customer service and ramp service employees for both full- and part-time roles. Moreover, this is according to a memo that was sent by Matt Miller. Miller is the vice president of the Denver hub operations.

United Airlines – Remaining Competitive

“Moreover, our hub does continue to be one of the fastest-growing for our company, thus we must remain competitive within the marketplace in order to attract, and retain, the highest quality employees to serve our United customers,” Miller wrote in the memo.

In fact, United is looking to fill about 250 open roles for ramp service employees and approximately around 100 open roles for customer service representatives. Next, the airline does currently employ more than 7,000 Denver-based team members, with up to 3,000 more unionized jobs which are expected to be added over the next few years.

Also, the company also aim to therefore introduce over 500 new aircraft between this year and 2024.

“In fact, our higher, entry-level pay is just another way we are aggressively recruiting the best Denver has to offer,” Miller said in an emailed statement.

Moreover, Denver is one of United’s seven domestic hubs. The airline, headquartered in Chicago, is the largest at Denver International Airport. It has been a community fixture for more than 80 years.

Also, DIA was the third-busiest airport in the world based on passenger traffic during the first half of last year. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, DIA was the 16th busiest airport internationally and ranked fifth domestically.

United is also introducing its bag drop shortcut Thursday. It is a free service that streamlines the bag check process by letting customers use the airline’s mobile app. That would be to check their luggage at a bag drop shortcut location. It’s now available in Denver and other hubs.

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