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Trucking Helps Lower Carbon Emissions in the US

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Carbon emissions are a focal point within the world-view of politics. From Europe to the US to Asia, many developed countries are focussing on how to create a better impact on the environment. Thus, trucking has been able to switch to biofuels. The use of biofuels has cut down on the impact of the environment drastically.

Carbon Emissions in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry, no matter where you are in the world, has its deficits. The biggest one is the level of carbon emissions that they produce. Trucking utilizes some of the highest levels of gas consumption in the world and has attributed to many of the global catastrophes that we face today. But the trucking industry isn’t to blame, for they are undertaking extensive measures to turn this around. The use of biofuels has become one of the key points in reducing the carbon emissions that many trucks produce. This has not only helped the trucking industry but has helped farmers across middle America by utilizing every bit of their harvest.

Biofuels Increase to Decrease Emissions

Biofuels are a simple concept. Taking the byproduct of harvested vegetables and creating a combustible fuel from that has revolutionized the ability to cut down on pollution. This has worked to decrease carbon emissions by 20% in America.

Other countries have found this to be an effective method for cutting down the amount of pollution as well as ween themselves of the dependencies of fossil fuels from foreign exports. Norway, for example, has utilized almost 100% recyclable fuels. This is due to their increase in vegetable production and their decrease in diesel engines. By 2025, the entire country will have shifted into the electric car market. This radicalization of a countries industry is working towards the betterment of global issues.

As a matter of fact, all of Europe has made the switch in one industry or another. The use of biofuels works to cut down the emissions of not only their automobile industry but their public transportation networks too. Where diesel engines are more prominent in those countries, the use of biofuels has been more easily accepted within their respected cultures.

California Emissions Standards

Of all the places to have a higher standard for emissions, California takes the cake. The state had set out in the ’70s to reduce the impact they had on the environment as well as the effect of human health within cities like Los Angeles. The move had spearheaded the world’s awareness of carbon emissions and has acted as a catalyst to bring environmental consciousness to the rest of the world.

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