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Toyota’s New Car Tech Feels Your Emotions

You are currently viewing Toyota’s New Car Tech Feels Your Emotions
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Toyota is going to highlight a range of experimental technologies intended to safety improvement as well as anticipating drivers’ wishes at the Tokyo Motor Show at the end of this month.

On Monday Makoto Okabe, Toyota Motor Corp. manager told journalists that the use of “artificial intelligence” means cars are going to know drivers as human beings by analyzing their facial expressions, social media as well as driving habits.

Such a vehicle might adjust seats of drivers to calm them when they are anxious or shake drivers when they are sleepy to make them more alert. It can also offer a stop at a noodle joint along the way. By doing so, the company hopes to help reduce or even eliminate crashes that happen due to emotion-related driver error. It’s a noble goal, but is the automaker going too far with this new tech?

Is Toyota Overstepping Its Bounds?

Some observers have concerns about what the company will use the data this new program gets for. After all, it seems unlikely that the company will not keep that data. It could be very valuable data for advertisers and other car companies.

Regardless of concerns over potential interruptions into privacy, many automakers will be exhibiting samples of such technologies at the auto show, which will be open to the public on Oct. 28.

The Concept-I series of models of Toyota, on display at the show, is based on the Japanese word for “love” or “ai”, which sounds like “I” in English. Okabe said that the idea is that your car will become your friend “more than a machine”.

Using cameras in order to analyze images of the faces of drivers, the car can suppose if they are feeling happy or sad. It has an option to expand and contract a seat to foster the rhythm of deep breathing to calm a driver who seems jittery.

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