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Torc Robotics To Receive Analytical Freightliner Data

You are currently viewing Torc Robotics To Receive Analytical Freightliner Data
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Torc Robotics is planning on generating more gigabytes to do data testing on the autonomous Freightliner Cascadias. Amazon Web Services Inc. has the ability to manage data transfers. They can also compute capacity whenever Torc Robotics is about to deploy their Class 8 self-driving trucks.

The fleet is growing fast. A lot faster. More data is on the rise of being made and with that engineering teams are in need of better management.

Daimler Truck AG has brought on Torc Robotics in an effort to lead in Level 4 autonomy. Level 4 vehicles are able to perform driving functions with no human involvement. Daimler is also partnering up with Alphabet and Waymo. The latter is a unit of Google’s autonomous division. Additionally, Luminar is a part of their lidar sensing. This makes a big difference in the sense of Torc Robotics and their first generation of self-driving fleets. With another generation of trucks approaching rapidly, they will cover expanding routes with way higher-resolution sensors capable enough to see objects from greater distances.

With the additional AWS, the trucks aren’t necessarily being made available to the commercial consumer any time soon. In fact, Daimler expects the Torc Robotics-powered trucks to arrive in a decade.

Torc Robotics has been operating since 2005.

Because of this, the company sees from their experience truck manufacturers to be essential for successful autonomous trucking.

At the moment, Daimler themselves are working with about 38 battery-powered electric trucks within the customer trials. And it’s best to let anyone know that because of this progress, there has been about 700,000 miles of real-world usage derivatives in existence. It also includes Class 8 eCascadias and just about Class 6 eM2 models within the year of 2022.

By getting customers to be hands-on with customer feedback, it’s a challenge to the customers themselves. While rolling out what needs be, incrementally. All the while in a safe manner.

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