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Tesla Cybertruck Specs Leak Ahead Of Release

You are currently viewing Tesla Cybertruck Specs Leak Ahead Of Release
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Tesla has experienced a spoiler alert. All because someone unleashed their Cybertruck specs way ahead of time, as the truck’s beginning to deliver at the end of the month. With all that there is to know about the size of the Cybertruck, we can hardly contain our excitement! So here are some of the specs that have been discussed all over the Internet.

Tesla Has Outlets

When you pickup your Tesla Cybertruck, you’ll notice that not only are there a couple of 120volt Outlets in the bed, but also a NEMA 14-50 240volt outlets as well.

The Size of the Cybertruck

According to the specs, the size of the truck is rather impressive, given that the length is measured up at 18.6 feet while the width is marked at around 79.9 inches. And the height of the Cybertruck itself? Coming up at 70.5 inches. Rather great for a Tesla Cybertruck. All while the wheelbase is as big as 143 inches.

What about the weight?

Well, that’s another story. 6,670 pounds if there’s only 2 motors and 6,890 pounds if there are three motors.

And the towing rating?

It’s rated at the 11,000 pounds mark, as the Cybertruck is able to provide a capacity of 14,000 pounds within. As it varies, the option levels can vary between dual versus tri-motor options. The curb weight spec can show various ratings.

Did you look at the frunk?

The Cybertruck has a frunk that is very wide, nearly the entire width of the vehicle. All while it can operate as a bench.

Consider the onboard package.

The onboard package has a 240V outlet while using the locking L14-30 outlet helps to be totally capable.

Load the vehicle full of stuff!

Because as far as total capacity goes, there is right around 7.1 cubic feet, which can be seen as much smaller than other truck frunks. When compared to the competition, such as the Hummer, the Rivian and the Lightning, it’s so much less than one would anticipate. Such a graphic over the exterior dimensions had detailed how the Cybertruck will be able to seat about 4.5 people.

The Battery Weight is a huge contribution to the EV’s very own weight.

Putting the “cyber” in Cybertruck, the steel body has loads of battery configurations while the weights are unlikely to change. The whole point of the Cybertruck is to see what the vehicle can provide for Tesla heads and EV obssessionists.

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