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Subaru Impreza 2021 Recalled; Some Owners Told not to Drive Their Cars

You are currently viewing Subaru Impreza 2021 Recalled; Some Owners Told not to Drive Their Cars
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Subaru just announced that it is issuing a recall for the 2021 Impreza It is for both the sedan and hatchback. It also comes with a warning not to drive the vehicle. In fact, your Impreza may or may not be a part of the recall radius, which is very small at just 802 cars total. However, this problem is a really serious one.

Subaru Impreza Recall Documents

These Impreza, according to the recall documents, “may be fitting with a left front lower control arm with an improper weld near a connection joint between the lower control arm and the cross member.” In fact, a poor weld could cause the control arm to separate from the cross member while driving. Moreover, this is something you really don’t want to happen.

If the weld does fail, the carmaker says, “the tire could contact the wheel well. This would result in a loss of control. Of course, this could then lead to an accident. The equipment on the control arm’s assembly was damaging. That is what Subaru’s investigation did show. It, moreover, did cause interference with the welding torch. Moreover, causing it to trace an improper welding path and an incomplete weld.

Affected Vehicles

The affected Subaru Impreza vehicles are identifying by the lower control arm’s lot number. In fact, Subaru does know which Imprezas could, in fact, be fitting with the bad lower control arm. Therefore, it is recalling those possibly affected cars. There have been notification letters that are being sending to owners on September 3rd. Subaru will replace it with a new one. That is if the part is identifying as defective.

Contacting Your Local Subaru Dealer

Subaru is telling the owners of those cars are not driving them until the recalling Imprezas are fixed. Car owners need to arrange with their local dealer to have the vehicle towed in. But Subaru is offering a mobile inspection in some areas. Therefore, check on that before going through the hassle of having the car towing. All of the above will be fully covering by Subaru, per usual with recalls, covered by Subaru at no cost to the customer.

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