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StubHub Gives 8,000 Plus People Refunds for Canceled Events

You are currently viewing StubHub Gives 8,000 Plus People Refunds for Canceled Events
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StubHub is going to provide refunds to over 8,000 customers in a Southwest state under the company’s pre-pandemic refund policy. This was before the events were canceling due to COVID-19. This is according to Attorney General Phil Weiser. He announced this Tuesday morning.

StubHub Settlements

The attorney general has announced the settlement along with attorney generals of various states in the U.S.

StubHub Wasn’t Always so Agreeable to Refunding Customers

Initially refusing to issue refunds for canceled concerts, the huge ticket reselling company would not allow them for sports events and more, either. “FanProtect Guarantee,” typically, as outlining, StubHub would offer customers full refunds for tickets if the event was canceling. Then in March 2020, they started denying those requests for refunds and instead told customers they would, in fact, receive credit equal to 120% of their purchases for future events. Also denying their requests for refunds, according to Weiser.

Reversing Decision on Refunds

After multiple states began a coordinated investigation on May 2021, StubHub has reversed its decision. Then told customers if they had purchased a ticket before March 25, 2020, in fact, for a canceled event, they would receive a full refund.

$3,120,442 in refunds by StubHub would go to 8,688 Coloradans in this settlement.

Moreover, Weiser said those consumers should not be out of money if this service was never provided.

Surpassing $3 million is the total refund.

Also, the settlement also requires StubHub to clearly disclose modifications to its refund policies. This is before a consumer agrees to it. Then honor that policy in the case of a cancellation, and quickly process refund requests, according to Weiser.

In fact, Colorado consumers that believe they are entitling to a refund but haven’t heard from StubHub can contact the company at (866) 788-2482. Or the Colorado Department of Law at (800) 222-4444. 

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