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Snowstorm Warning in Denver

You are currently viewing Snowstorm Warning in Denver
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Denver metro area is expecting a spring snowstorm this weekend that will bring heavy snow and rain to the area, as well as Eastern Plains, mountains and foothills.

The I-25 stretch from the Wyoming border to the Palmer drive, including Denver, is under the warning until 6AM, Sunday. The warning includes word of snow, rain, and the potential for flash flooding. On top of that, lightning strikes are very likely in the area.

Temperatures are expected to only increase to the lower 50s on Friday. In the afternoon thunderstorms and showers will move towards the Front Range. It will rain before it starts snowing overnight. 6-14 inches of snow are expected in Denver with heavier snowfall in the west and south suburbs.

Snowstorm will bring a variety of bad weather.

In northern Colorado snow will mix with rain, and cities above 6,000 foot are expected to get 1-2 inches of snow. Another 2-4 inches of snow are expected on Sunday. The mountains will get 2-4 feet of snow before the storm ends on Monday.

Road closures are possible as travel will be difficult because of the snow and slush that will cover the roads. It is not recommended to drive on the I-25 corridor and in the mountains. If you absolutely have to travel, you should make sure that you have snow equipment, including snow tires and chains. Make sure to go slow, use your headlights, and pull over if it’s too dangerous. However, the best way to stay safe is definitely to stay off the road as much as possible.

Heavy snow is expected to bring damage to the trees because of its weight on branches. There can also be power outrages because of the heavy dense snow on power lines.

Passengers are rescheduling their flight at Denver International Airport, where some lines are offering waivers.

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