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Should I Pick Enclosed or Open Car Transport?

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When you decide to ship a car, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions. These will include things like what car shipping company to choose and when exactly you want to ship your car. Of course, you’ll also have to pick the service that works best for your needs. This means choosing between enclosed and open transport, which can be tough for people. How do you decide which car transport service works best for you? You use this article! Here’s how to pick the perfect car transport service for your needs:

Enclosed Transport Provides Better Security Than Open

We get many orders for enclosed car shipping, and there’s one thing in common across all of them: the customer wants extra security. Maybe they’re concerned about something lying in the road kicking up and damaging their car. Maybe they don’t want any wind, rain, or snow to damage their car’s paint job. Or maybe their car is a classic, and they just want to be completely secure. These folks choose enclosed transport because it provides a greater level of security for their cars. In these metal containers, your car won’t have to endure anything from the road, the rain, or anything like that. It’ll be safe and sound the whole way to its destination.

Open Shipping is Both Fast and Affordable

There are some major advantages of open shipping, with the biggest one being ease. It’s just easier to find space on open carriers, as they can carry far more cars than an enclosed carrier can. They’re also more common because of this efficiency, meaning scheduling a carrier won’t take nearly as long as with enclosed trailers. However, for many people, the biggest draw is the low cost. Open car transport is simply much more affordable than enclosed transport. If you’re looking to get a great car shipping service without paying too much, you should definitely see if you can find an open carrier near you!

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