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Safety When Traveling: What To Know

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Safety is key when moving to a new city or town. Due to the current issues facing the US, many are wary of traveling outside of their home. In order to cut down on the spread of coronavirus, many state and city officials have put their areas on lockdown. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to be on lockdown. This is due to the fact that many have just purchased a new home and are transporting their vehicles and belongings ahead while they take a flight or drive by car.

Prior to traveling, we have a few easy steps you can take to ensure you and whoever you may be traveling with remains safe.

Cleaning The Interior of Your Vehicle

In order to provide the safest methods for traveling right now, washing the interior of your car is perhaps the number 1 most effective way to ensure safety. Washing your steering wheel, seatbelt, door handles, center console and window/mirror control panel is critical. This provides the most effective form of sterilization.

Vacuuming The Interior is another important factor. Dust and dirt can build up under floor mats and stay in the fabric of car seats. Make sure that you clean and vacuum the interior and remove all dust and dirt particulates. These can cause sinus problems during your trip.

Getting Gas

When filling your gas tank, wear gloves. It is also helpful to carry a small package of alcoholic hand wipes. The fuel hose is THE most touched part at a gas station. When filling your tank taking this extra precaution can go a long way for you and your travel companions. We mark that no measure is “too safe”.

We Urge Everyone To Promote Safety While Traveling

Promoting safety during this time is one of the key components of fighting the current issues. Wearing gloves and having plenty of hand sanitizer around will help to stop the flow of infection and will work to help keep it contained.

We wish everyone traveling at this current time to be safe. Follow standard safety precautions and continue to be informed.

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