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Roehl Relaunch Program: Raking In New Glances for Second Chances

You are currently viewing Roehl Relaunch Program: Raking In New Glances for Second Chances
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The logistics company is planning to add 300 truck driving jobs to help CDL-A holders stepping away from their former jobs, due to the corona virus. The Relaunch Program opens up to former truck drivers who’ve since left the industry.

Drivers that take part in the Relaunch program will have credit for their prior experience, instead of restarting with entry-level driver pay rates.

From seasoned veterans to a former drivers…

All throughout the 2020 Peak Season Bonus, Roehl is rewarding current drivers. The teammates will receive a 2020 Peak Season Bonus of about $0.02 per mile for dispatched miles driven. This deal has begun on October 18th, 2020, and will continue until January 31st, 2021.

Vice President of driver employment at Roehl, Tim Norlin, had this to say: “For all the former drivers seeking to relaunch their CDL careers, Roehl is prepared to help re-sharpen their driving skills.”

Roehl assures the staff they are a stable carrier, looking for anybody from a “seasoned veteran to a former driver.”

In addition, the 2020 Peak Season Bonus applies to new rookies in the industry, seeking a job with Roehl, including spots in the Roehl Relaunch Program.

This is a good thing, just in time for the holidays. It offers drivers the type of support they need to get ahead of the gift-buying game and offer their families something nice and thoughtful.

Such additional positions in retail, construction manufacturing, and multiple other industries are available along with current drivers in local trucking jobs, might have a great opportunity to be receiving all of the income they deserve.

Good tidings are definitely something we need in these harrowing times. But all in all, we have trucking to be glad for. Without these brave women and men going for the long haul, it’s a wonder how we’d get our toilet paper.

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