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Rockies Allow Fans Back in Coors Field At 100% Capacity

You are currently viewing Rockies Allow Fans Back in Coors Field At 100% Capacity
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With the Rockies season opener Thursday, fans are coming back to Coors Field. This is for the first time since 2019 after the COVID-19 pandemic led to the gates closing. This is as of all of last year.

Capacity Restrictions

The Denver, Colorado opener against the Dodgers will definitely feel different for fans. This is especially true with a capacity variance of 42.6% (21,363 of 50,144). They are very much used to packing the stadium for LoDo’s annual holiday. Yet, despite the attendance limit, as of Tuesday evening, there are still tickets available for the game at low as $50. They are available through the team’s official site, as well as through various secondary-market sites.

Rockies Devotees Sitting in Pods

Tickets are being selling in pods of two, three, or four. Fans are not allowed to sit in front, behind, or on either side of each pod. Each pod will have an appointed entry gate, and all tickets for the 2021 season are digital.

Fan Experience

Moreover, those who enjoy exploring the park, or loitering around the concourse while watching the game, be preparing for a different experience this year. There are standing room areas, also included in the concourse. In addition, to The Rooftop and playgrounds. They will not be available for gathering. Moreover, there are also no standing-room tickets that being selling.

Additionally, stadium access will be restricted to an individual’s pod and thus the corresponding restroom/concession areas, while directional arrows are on the ground which will designate one-way walking patterns.

Moreover, Fans are requiring to wear a mask at all times while they are in the stadium. There is a mandate which the club’s game day staff will enforce. Bandanas and masks with valves are not considering approving face coverings. Under 2, children do not have to wear a mask, and showing proof of COVID vaccination is not required for entry.

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