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Patty Limerick Becomes New Colorado State Historian

You are currently viewing Patty Limerick Becomes New Colorado State Historian
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Patty Limerick has been named the new Colorado State Historian. Limerick is the director of the Center of the American West in CU Boulder. She is a lecturer, author and teacher, as well as a columnist whose writing can regularly be seen in the Denver Post. She is known for her vivid accounts on the American West history.

Limerick undertakes the post through the partnership between History Colorado, an agency running all the major museums and the archives in the state, and the University of Colorado. She will continue working as a teacher and researcher, while organizing public events for her new job.

Limerick will have to balance even more duties than this. President Obama appointed her to the National Council on the Humanities last year. The Senate confirmed her nomination last fall, meaning that she will begin her duties at that position sooner rather than later.

Patty Limerick Brings Expertise

The new State Historian is known for her practical approach to the history that can be seen in her book called “Legacy of Conquest: The Unbroken Past of the American West”. Limerick has received the McArthur Fellowship.

Limerick grew up in California and went to school there until leaving to get her Ph. D. at Yale University. There, she served as a graduate teaching assistant for an esteemed class. She taught as an assistant professor at Harvard University for four years. After that, she joined the University of Colorado at Boulder. She became a full professor there in 1991, and remains a professor there to this day.

As the state historian, Dr. Limerick will attend to duties related to helping Coloradans understand the history of the place they love. Colorado has a long, expansive history that stretches back through time long before Europeans ever arrived there. Limerick and her team now face the task of making Coloradans understand that history a little more thoroughly.

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  1. Linda

    o wow… that’s amazing

  2. Shalonda Gordon

    Congrats to Patty Limmerick! She definitely is an example of what it means to live out your passion. Through her books and accomplishments it’s evident that she is a scholar in her field and will make an amazing State Historian. Have to love it when a person is undeniably qualified for their new position. Colorado made a very good choice. Thanks for the info.. keep smiling

  3. Robert

    I think she will do a great job, she seems to have a passion for what she is doing and will keep teaching the younger generation to have a healthy respect for history.

  4. Chrissy

    She seems truly qualified for this job. It’s nice to see someone who is passionate about what they do. I might have to check out her book now! 🙂

  5. That is really nice. It is really nice since Patty is a researcher. And, she has experience dealing with history of the “American West”. Life back in the ” old West” days may seem kind of romantic and adventurous today. However, it was horrible. Life was really hard and then some on so many levels. Hard life today for a lot of people may be hard, however, there are perks as far as technology and the advancement of modes of transportation. Congratulations to Patty Limerick.

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