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Officer Related Shootout in Denver

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A shootout with Denver police left a suspect injured. This occurrence took place early Tuesday morning. The suspect was shot in the leg and is not suffering from any serious injuries, as mentioned by Denver police. He was then transported to the University Hospital. There are no injuries involving officers. The officer related shootout left more questions than answers. One is already in custody. Hopefully this suspect can answer the hundreds of questions that arose from this incident. The biggest question that surely cannot be answered by any suspect or officer is, how come this keeps happening?

The location of the shooting was on the 4700 block of East 47th Avenue Drive in Denver. it’s a neighborhood where shootings are not uncommon, but local residents still cannot believe every time it happens in our quiet mountain town. Denver may have its problems, population increases, air pollution, traffic, but shootings should not be one of them. This could have been avoided.

The incident began as Commerce City Officers made an attempt to contact the unidentified suspect in regard to a felony warrant he was wanted for. The start of the incident was at a Romantix location located at 4810 Pontiac St in Commerce City.

Shortly after, the unidentified suspect fled to an electrical supply store, Hensley Battery, where he was shot by officers. The current condition of the suspect is still under wraps. He has not yet been released from the hospital.

The Northglenn Police Department confirmed that a woman was taken into custody involving an officer related shooting. She was driving a pickup truck near 120th and I-25th around 10am.

The names of the suspects have not been released and no further details are available.

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