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Newest Safe Outdoor Space Comes to Local Region

You are currently viewing Newest Safe Outdoor Space Comes to Local Region
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A new Safe Outdoor Space (SOS), is a managed site providing temporary housing, is coming to the Western state in mid-December. Moreover, it is open for just about a year. December 14th is the date the site is set to open at the East Office of the local County Department of Human Services (DHS).

Safe Outdoor Space is Providing Stability

“Moreover, this site is going to mark the first time city property that is being used for Safe Outdoor Space,” said Britta Fisher. Fisher is an executive director of Denver’s Department of Housing Stability. “In fact, we are happy to help support Colorado Village Collaborative. This will help grow this model that has, in fact, providing residents with another path from our streets to stability Denver.”

 Through November 30, 2022, the Safe Outdoor Space will be remaining at the site. It is locating at 3815 Steele Street, through November 30, 2022. Therefore, it will replace the site at Park Hill United Methodist Church. Since June, it has been open after a judge did dismiss a lawsuit by residents that challenge the site. On December 31st, it is scheduling to close.

Safe Outdoor Space has Room for More Residents

Many of the 40 residents at the Park Hill SOS will relocate to the DHS location. Also, the site also has the capacity to accept more residents.

At DHS East, the 15,000-square-foot SOS is going to offer 24-hour, staffed, and secure shelter for up to 50 people. They can be screening and selected by local service agencies. In fact, the facility, which is going to operate for one year. Then it will offer residents shelter, cots, food, supportive services, and assistance for finding permanent housing.

Unhoused Neighbors

“Celebrating today is to honor the progress for the health, dignity, and belonging of our unhousing neighbors,” said CVC Executive Director Cole Chandler. Therefore, we are grateful to the City and County of Denver for partnering with us to widen critical services for our unsheltering neighbors ahead of another Colorado winter.”

Online Community Meeting

On November 17th, for the area residents that are interesting in learning more about the newest SOS, CVC and DHS will co-host an online community meeting from 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

In Denver Councilmember Candi CdeBeca’s District is the newest SOS location. It includes the Union State and Five Points areas and Globeville and Swansea neighborhoods.

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