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Missing Seattle Firefighter: Car Found By Park Rangers

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Joshua Ryan Milton, a Seattle firefighter, is missing. After he didn’t show up for his shift as a paramedic student at Harborview Medical Center on Thursday, authorities began investigating. On Saturday his car was found at the parking lot of the Deception Pass Bridge. Searchers did not find any additional signs of the missing firefighter at the place where they found his car.

Park rangers first saw the car, a white 2000 Honda Accord, parked at the bridge Friday night. In the morning it was still there, so the rangers investigated and it appeared that the car belonged to the missing firefighter.

The park was searched on foot and the waters below the bridge were searched by boat. Racers in a weekend race at the park helped the searchers as well. However, the search efforts so far have not been successful. Milton is still considered to be missing but the park manager says the search group is suspicious it could be suicide. After all, parking your car by a bridge and going missing is not a good sign. As of now, investigators are simply looking for Milton. Once they find him, they’ll be able to say more definitively what happened to him.

Missing Seattle Firefighter Missed Scheduled Shift

The last time anyone saw Milton was on Thursday, December 10. At that time, he was leaving Harborview Medical Center. He had a shift the next day to train to be a paramedic. However, he didn’t show up for that shift, leaving his peers scratching their heads.

The 36-year-old Milton lives in Bothell, Washington with his wife and a three-year-old son. They have a GoFundMe page set up to help with costs associated with the searches for Joshua. The page will also help them shore up their expenses while Joshua remains missing.

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