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Man in Denver Scared of Threats for Supporting Democratic Candidate

You are currently viewing Man in Denver Scared of Threats for Supporting Democratic Candidate
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A man contacted the police department after he was threatened for being a Democratic supporter.

Ryan did not want authorities to publicize his last name because he is afraid for his life. He recently received some very serious threats to his life from an unknown source. Now, Ryan fears that his entire community could be against him.

When he put up a sign for supporting the Democratic candidate that is in the run for Colorado governor, he woke up Sunday morning and saw a target practice paper in his home’s backyard.

He has been a supporter of the Democratic candidate Mike Johnston since Johnston started his campaign.

Ryan was terrified and immediately contacted Denver Police. He claimed that “somebody was trying to target me because of my political beliefs.”

Denver Police is investigating this case and has labeled it as a crime in their records. If nothing else, threatening another person with violence with a deadly weapon is a serious crime. This could also relate to First Amendment rights, as it’s anyone’s right to express their political beliefs unless they’re actively hateful.

The target sheet contains the logo of the National Rifle Association. However, police say it could be someone who is not a member of NRA.

Democratic Candidate Speaks Out

Mike Johnston was contacted by the news channel Denver7. Johnston is “furious” about the incident and claims that he has friends who are also terrified of being targeted for supporting him.

When Johnston put up pictures of Ryan with the target sheet, he received a lot of criticism. People believe it may be a political move to gain support.

But Johnston argued back to the criticism. He argues that staging something like this is “insulting.”

Police will continue to investigate this case and make sure Ryan and his family are safe in their home.

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