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Kodiak Robotics Wins Big With Driverless Trucking

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Kodiak Robotics are successful in a certain pursuit that they’ve been chasing for a while now. The tech-truck startup is snagging the CES 2021 Innovation Award. This is achievement is among a handful of startups trying to automate commercial trucking. But Kodiak was able to while completing a milestone. This milestone was creating “Disengage-Free” deliveries on Texas highways. When someone says “disengage-free” they mean to say that drivers were not required to take control of the truck’s autonomous vehicle system. Kodiak was able to achieve this back in December on Interstate 45 between a long stretch of land.

Dan Goff, Kodiak’s Head of Policy, had this to say: “What happened is our system has reached a level of maturity where a good percentage of the time it handles everything the highway throws at it.” The truck in question was even able to complete two-round trips in a row. This is over the course of 800 miles. Kodiak has made an approach towards marketing that really capitalizes on the lack of need we need human drivers for.

Autonomous Driving Is Nothing New, For Companies Besides Kodiak

Waymo, another autonomous driving company that has been chasing after autonomous technology, has been announcing similar controversial statements. Such as removing safety drivers from a robotaxi service.

Gatik, a box truck startup, made it known that they would initiate driverless pilots while removing the safety driver from behind the wheel of trucks to ferry products on two-mile routes.

Autonomous technology keeps maturing as the terminology for driverless attracts more prying eyes. In a way, some companies would prefer to not have to deal with this controversy. But will that suffice for Kodiak? Who really knows? Maybe the truck itself! It’s self-driving after all. Who said it couldn’t also be free-thinking? There’s always a likelihood of Cyberdyne to enter the system.

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