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Hyundai Sonata Receives A New Look In And Out

You are currently viewing Hyundai Sonata Receives A New Look In And Out
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Hyundai has been able to update the Sonata in the anticipation of model year 2024 as the Sonata can come right in with updated and new display screens. It’s likely that the Sonata will go on sale this year. Of course, you have to consider how this looks for the Kona Crossover, the Grandeur sedan and even the Staria van, as the Sonata may distaste more of the design language that everyone else may enjoy. Of course, it’s very different in looks from the modern-day Sonata that had launched for the 2020 look of the model year. Of course, the fresh face is in itself very futuristic. Another aspect to notice is how the full-width LED light strip stretches out across the front while being totally noticeable.

Meanwhile, the grille and headlights have been totally reshaped. When looking out the back, the taillights have been able to incorporate similar light strips while the lower fascia gives off an aggressive style not much unlike the styles of before. Hyundai has been smart enough to use the standard car and even the sporty N Line Model, which can also possess a new wheel design also. What is fascinating is how the inside center can shift around two huge 12.3 inch screens that are seen properly in a curved display binnacle.

Dashboard components like this are what is found within the climate controls, as it’s rearranged. In addition, the steering wheel has been made anew. All while the gearshift is relocated to the steering columns in order to free up more space in the center consoles.

There can’t be so many changes to the Sonata’s powertrain lineup, as it comprises a 2.5-liter inline-four, while there’s the turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four, which in itself, is an impressive follow-up to the 2.5-liter inline-four engine for the N Line, as well as a hybrid setup. Hyundai is looking to show off further details regarding the car soon, while the U.S. specs should arrive within the next few months.

Hyundai Sonata was in need of a revitalization.

This is the era of time where it matters most to make sure you have the most advanced Hyundai Sonata in order to advance beyond the pack with an electric powertrain as well as totally spacey-looking vibes around the exterior. The vehicle is likely to break some records as the most sought-after car in the marketplace. It’s too good to be true.

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