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Gun and Badge Stolen from Adams County Officer

You are currently viewing Gun and Badge Stolen from Adams County Officer
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Sunday morning a purse that held an officer badge and her firearm was stolen from a law enforcement officer when she was off-duty. The incident happened at the Tomahawk Truck Stop in Strasburg, Adams County, while the officer was pumping gas.


Monday evening a surveillance image of the woman was released by authorities. It is reported that the suspect is driving a light grey or silver sedan. It has a partial Florida plate that starts with letters GBI. Investigators say that the woman stole another purse within 30 minutes.


If you know anything about the case or the suspect, please call the sheriff’s office. The number is:  720-322-1313.

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  1. thatoneirishguy

    Kudos to this lady for making the biggest mistake of the day! I would want to ask the officer why she was not wearing her weapon or badge. Even on a day off, officers should always be prepared.

  2. Bill Norris

    I’ll bet the person who stole the purse was shocked when she saw the badge! I’m assuming the purse was stolen from the officer’s car. Lesson – always lock your doors.

  3. Robert Cross

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me! I’ll bet the thief thought, ‘of all the people at this truck stop to rob, I had to pick a police officer!’

  4. K G

    You know, it is really sad that such crimes are committed. That is so, so sad. I am sure that authorities know that it is easy to catch this woman through satellite images/tracking. All law enforcement has to do is go through the images from minutes before this woman drove up to the gas station all the way up to the point where the thief arrived at her very own house, and a week after the incident from satellite tracking from the criminal’s house!
    Hopefully, this criminal is caught. I is evident that she is a purse snatcher and possibly more than that. And, hopefully the officer will flag their social security number or something. Maybe even sign up for Lifelock, where their identity will be protected. It is horrible that this has happened.
    It is bad enough putting your life on the line every day to uphold the law. Then, you’re on your way home and become a victim to one of many types of criminals that you try to protect the average citizen from. Or, at least try to stop it from happening. Man!

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