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Gucci Fiat 500 Car Find

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A Fiat 500 from 2012 might not be the most rewarding car find. Fortunately, this little car has the Gucci name attached to it.

Reports show that a “Gucci” edition of the Fiat 500 was discovered in a junkyard in Denver.

The Fiat 500 has the depreciation value comparable to the mini. So finding a 2012 version typically isn’t something to be proud of. The Fiat 500 was the introduction of Italian motors into the US. With fuel consumption being a staple in American budgets, the Fiat 500 was a solid answer to the fears of growing fuel prices.

When the Fiat first took to the states, it received mixed reviews. From the quality of the vehicle to the size, it seemed to be a temporary solution for a permanent problem.

Many automotive companies were creating more gas-efficient vehicles at the time to compete with the new Hybrid models that were rising in popularity.

Well, this Fiat is special. Not only is it rarer to see a 2012 vehicle belonging to the scrap yard, but the Fiat also has special badges and pinstripes to match the designer look of Gucci.

The vehicle may not be as high-end as many other products that bear the symbol. From purses to belts to designer shoes and so forth, Gucci has its name on anything that relates to wealth. It’s at this point that we ask why Gucci would go so far as to fully trick-out a Fiat 500 with its branding.

The car, unfortunately, met a solid demise when it hit something big. With the whole front-end completely vaporized, the remaining bits of the car is up for sale for those looking for spare parts. Don’t get your hopes up, though. The “Gucci” hubcaps have since been purchased.

I don’t think this is the best car find, but it could make any scrounger laugh to see such a high-end company product in the scrap pile.

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