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Governor Polis isn’t Going Impose Statewide Restrictions

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Governor Jared Polis is really standing his ground and using his “logic” when it comes to statewide restrictions in a Southwest state as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations do rise.

Governor Jared Polis Offers a Positive Assessment with a Cool Rationale

Polis says the Southwest state is doing better than other states, he thinks, he has reached hospital capacity for COVID-19 patients. This is regarding when asked if he will implement restrictions across the state with growing hospitalizations.

Governor Jared Polis: Individual Responsibility

“The hospital capacity is not presenting in jeopardy,” Polis said. “In fact, at this point, it is critical that Coloradans show their individual responsibility to keep themselves safe.”

On Wednesday, Colorado has 680 confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations. This is according to the governor. It was the biggest number since mid-May. There was a majority of hospitalized patients who are unvaccinated. In fact, the current data does show that unvaccinated people have part of the statistic of 83.3% of hospitalizations in a single week in August.

Rise in COVID-19 Positivity

35 counties did see a rise in COVID-19 positivity from August 16 to 23, 35 in Colorado. In fact, two of the counties have no movement and there were two counties that gave less than ten tests in the past week.

The state’s seven-day positivity rate was 6.55% as of Monday. That is up from 5.75%. Moreover, the largest positivity rate in the state over the seven days.

More Infections

There are breakthrough infections incrementally started to rise in Colorado in late June. This is as overall cases have increased. Moreover, by August had reached their biggest point since the vaccines first became readily available in December.

In fact, the state did record an average of 1.14 breakthrough infections per 100,000 residents on June 9. Then, did see a nearly eightfold increase in three months. There was an average of 9 breakthrough cases per 100,000 people in August. This is according to the latest data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

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