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Genesis Neolun Concept Previews Huge EV SUV

You are currently viewing Genesis Neolun Concept Previews Huge EV SUV
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Imagine a sleek and spacious vehicle that runs on electricity, like a giant, luxurious spaceship gliding down the road. That’s what Genesis, a company known for crafting fancy cars, gave us a glimpse of with their Neolun concept. It’s like a window into what the future of SUVs might look like. They think it might be called the GV90 when it’s all set to hit the streets.

The Neolun doesn’t just look cool on the outside; it’s got a fancy interior too. Picture smooth, cozy seats covered in a mix of soft cashmere and leather. And get this—those seats in the front can turn around to face the ones in the back, making it feel like you’re all chilling in a living room on wheels. Plus, the floor is made of real wood, giving it a touch of nature inside.

At the New York auto show, where car companies show off their coolest ideas, Genesis presented the Neolun at their fancy showroom called Genesis House. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, check out what we’re dreaming up for the future!” And let me tell you, this SUV is big and fancy. The outside is smooth and shiny, painted in a mix of Midnight Black and Majestic Blue. It’s a bit like having a giant, stylish blue whale cruising down the road!

Now, why Neolun? Well, Genesis says it’s a mix of two words: “neo,” which means new in Greek, and “luna,” which means moon in Latin.

So, it’s like they’re saying this SUV is as cool and peaceful as a moonlit night. And get this—the design was inspired by those beautiful moon-shaped jars from Korea. How cool is that?

Let’s talk about the doors. Instead of regular doors, the Neolun has what they call coach doors. They swing open like magic! Genesis says they’ve been working hard to make these doors real, not just for show. And when you open them, these electric steps pop out, making it easy-peasy to hop in and out.

Inside, there’s plenty of space for you and your buddies. It’s got two rows of seats, and the ones in the back are fit for a king, or maybe a queen. They’re like fancy thrones, I tell you! And when it gets chilly outside, the whole cabin warms up cozily, thanks to some clever heating tricks.

Now, let’s talk tech. There’s a big screen that drops down from the ceiling, perfect for watching movies or playing games on those long road trips. And the sound system? It’s not just good—it’s out of this world! They’ve placed speakers all around so it feels like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Genesis says this Neolun isn’t just a fancy idea for the auto show. Nope, they’re serious about making it real. They say it’ll hit the streets in the next five years or so. So, get ready to see these sleek, electric SUVs cruising around town soon!

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