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Gender Roles in Trucking

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The trucking industry is normally thought to be a man domineered career.  Many truckers hope to soon have a more gender diversified community and establish platforms to encourage women to pursue it. Especially important is the welcoming of a more diversified industry, due to the increasing demand for drivers.

Women in Demand

Lately, there has been an emergence of many platforms that recognize the dedication and hard work of these blue-collar women. With time and effort, the women who are already in the trucking industry hope to encourage more to join their workforce by setting an example and establish programs of recognition. The reason for encouragement is to expand the industry and help narrow the gap between supply and demand for truckers.

Unfortunately, women have a long story of trials and tribulations in male dominant careers. Although this may be intimidating for those whose interests lie in making a break in the business, many are still working to attract women to the field. Even though our world might seem progressive, it is important to strive towards perfection. Gender equality still isn’t what it could be. It is through small steps that we can further develop our society. After a recent ABC 20/20 Hidden America documentary on assault, many cases of harassment and general acts of violence against women truck drivers surfaced. Women in trucking have proven to be resilient despite a somewhat hostile industry and hopefully, the trend continues in the upcoming year.

Although 47% of women make up the workforce, only about 6% of women are truck drivers. The disparity of this trade has provoked the establishment of such organizations like Women In Trucking. These groups aim to recruit females for the career, thus filling the need for drivers in a growing industry.

To build a strong industry it is necessary that those from all walks of life involve themselves; in developing the trucking industry, and the community, inclusion is necessary.

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