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Fill ‘Er Up! Supply Chains Do Their Duty To Roll Through Pandemic

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Daresay, we’ve said it once, twice, and thrice to ourselves. “This year could not get any worse.” Whatever should happen but the repeat catastrophe of the Universe telling us “It can.” In the ongoing slew of boo-hoos endured by the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado is getting hit pretty hard. Almost a quarter of a million cases of coronavirus have been had in the Centennial State, putting every threat at Defcon 1. But you don’t need me telling you that. Just ask the Supply Chains!

Grocery stores and supermarkets are constantly running out of items they’ve just restocked. Putting the pressure on thick with truckers across Colorado. Luckily, truck drivers know how to work supply chains well. They keep the job running as long as their engine’s gunning. As Colorado Motor Carriers Association President Greg Fulton believes, truckers are “the thin line keeping us together right now in terms of goods and services.”

So are supply chains essential? Yup.

How else will you run out to get toilet paper you’ve run out of? That’s why there’s such a civil war going on behind-the-scenes. Or did you not know that federal guidelines are being ignored becayse local jurisdictions are sure being unfair? Some truck drivers are forced to milk every stop they go through to the last drop because of various restrictions. This unfortunately puts a delay on medical supplies and food.

And speaking of food, find a trucker and offer them a sandwich or something because for Mack’s sake, they aren’t even able to go through drive-thrus! You want McDonald’s but also drive a Western Star. Too ba-da-ba-ba-bad! You’ll be hating it because of how the clearance is too low for semis to fit in. Not so much of a Happy Meal, now is it?

There needs to be more awareness and response to how unfair state transportation officials are countering truck drivers. Otherwise, the most they’ll get ticketed for is simply parking in a restricted area because no one wants to get behind a sleeping truck on the highway!

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