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Electric Car Owners Want Their Gas-Guzzlers Back: What’s So Wrong?

You are currently viewing Electric Car Owners Want Their Gas-Guzzlers Back: What’s So Wrong?
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Recently, everyone has been trying to get themselves hands on an electric car. And to the surprise of anyone and everyone involved in the electric car industry, the appeal is fading. About 18% of electric car owners are excited to return to gas-powered vehicles. Why? Well the answer might just surprise you. Over 4,000 households with owners of any electric car have been found in a study and of that amount, nearly 20% plug-in hybrid owners and 18% all-electric car owners vouch to go back to gasoline-powered cars. The focus of the study was to analyze why anyone would return to having gas-powered vehicles.

The study itself, conducted by Gil Tal and Scott Hardman shows that discontinued interest relates to the “dissatisfaction” of charging convenience as well as “not having level 2 (240-volt) charging at home, having fewer household vehicles and not being male.”

There does tend to be a loyalty, furthermore, to battery-electric vehicles, seeming how plug-in hybrids could compromise the transition to all-electric.

However, the issue lies therein the lack of availability users may have to level 2 charging from home.

When it is readily available, the plus is that they will always have “a full tank” overnight with no need to visit the gas station.

Should you be unable to charge, there may not be a parking spot with accessible charging. Your care could literally die on you. Isn’t that scary? EV owners would pretty much have to rely on accessible public parking with charging stations adequate for their electric car.

A strange fact among many? That women are more prone to return to a gas-powered car than men are.

Truth be told, the real issue among many is that the electric car industry isn’t making itself look any better by expanding the vehicles but not the charging stations. That would simply be ludicrous.

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