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Dropping Oil Prices Are Risk For Colorado Economy

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If you were in Colorado in the mid-80s, you probably remember what was going on back then because of the low gas prices. There was a severe recession in the state as the oil prices went too low. The offices in downtown were getting empty, and the people were struggling with their savings and loans. It made thousands leave Colorado and look for better career chances somewhere else. It took the state’s economy a lot of time to recover from the recession.

Today there is a risk of repeating the same situation in Colorado. Although, the petroleum is not that essential for the economy as it was in the 80s, but still, energy is 11% of Colorado GDP. It is really important for the economic success of the state.

How Are Oil Prices Doing Now?

With the oil prices going under $30 there is a risk of going back to the depressed levels of the 80s, although to get to the same low point they must drop down to $22 per barrel. Some of the major drillers in Colorado revised their expenses and concentrated on more certain plays near Denver. But if the prices won’t go higher, some companies might have to close their wells and let the employees go. Additional cutbacks in the agriculture, mining sectors and energy are also expected, according to the experts.

On the other hand, the state’s economy is much more diverse than it used to be in the 80s. And the energy consumers will see some great savings because of the current situation.

Still, whatever Colorado can gain from the oil prices dropping so low (to compare, in June 2014 it was $104 per barrel), it will lose much more. The majority of wells are now working not making any money; many of them are operating at a loss. The future of the situation depends of how the major energy companies will cope with the price drop.

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  1. David Thomas

    I sure hope we don’t go back to the depressed levels of the 80s. Maybe things will start looking up soon!

  2. Kendra

    Wow. This must be why my friend got laid off of his job. He worked in South Dakota in an oil rig. He had the job for over 5 years and said they had to shut down the end of the year last year… This is why I guess. Colorado isn’t the only one being affected by oil prices. Very interesting.

  3. kathleen

    I know of a few people that lost good jobs due to the price of gas and oil. On the flip side, people are able to buy more stuff, take vcations, pay off debt etc therefore helping other areas of the economy such as retail., housing etc. I guess it’s true that there is a silver lining in every situation. Thanks for an informative article!

  4. Clark

    You talked about gas prices going down in Colorado in the 80’s, I’m guessing that’s because of state issues? I thought reagan was good for the oil boon then, especially coming after carter

  5. gabriela

    many people lost there jobs due to the price of gas and oil . people can rish economy by take vacation , touriste etc . i hope we don’t go back to the depressed levels of the 80s.

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