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Denver’s Best Spring Recreation Sites

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Riding horseback through the wilderness
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As the weather warms up, Coloradans are going to want to get out and enjoy the sun. After all, with the gnarly cold snaps we’ve been getting recently, it’ll be a nice change to be comfortable outside. So here are some of the many ways you can engage in some much needed spring recreation:

Ruby Hill Rail Yard

Ruby Hill is a fantastic place to get a day of skiing or snowboarding in. Not only is the site free itself, but free snowboard equipment rentals are available on Thursdays and Saturdays. If you want to get into some winter sports in a low-stakes, friendly atmosphere, then get down to Ruby Hill!

Castlewood Canyon State Park

Of course, not everyone looks for their snowboarding or skiing fix in the spring time. If you want something more leisurely and less high-octane, consider a hike through Castlewood Canyon! The lack of rattlesnakes makes spring the best time to hike through the canyon and try and make it all the way down to Cherry Creek. With 13 miles of trails of various difficulty levels, Castlewood has a little something for everyone who enjoys getting some really fresh air.

Barr Lake State Park

For all you water sports people out there, take a gander at Barr Lake. Barr Lake is nearly 2,000 acres when full, making it a prime location to take your small-scale watercraft or kayaks. It includes an extensive network of trails surrounding the lake, meaning not everyone has to get in the water to have fun. You can even get on horseback and strut around like a cowboy! There are plenty of activities to try out at this excellent spring recreation destination.

Bear Creek Lake Park

Mountain bikers know that one of the best locations to get a good ride in is Bear Creek. Though not entirely off-road, the Dakota Ridge Loop provides intermediate level bikers with a good challenge to kick off the outdoors season. It has an excellent, full-service campground that’s affordable and provides all necessary amenities for a comfortable trip. And it’s super convenient to Denver residents!

These are only some of the many options for spring recreation in the Denver area. Of course, the most important thing to do is just get out there and enjoy the beauty of the Denver spring!

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