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Denver Truck Driver Stole Tractor-Trailer, Injured 4 People and Damaged 10 Vehicles

Denver Truck Driver Stole Tractor-Trailer, Injured 4 People and Damaged 10 Vehicles
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DENVER, Colorado – A man stole a tractor-trailer and led police from three different agencies on a wild chase. Multiple people were injured, and numerous vehicles were damaged – including two police cars, over the weekend in the northeast of Denver.


The suspect, who has yet to be identified by police, apparently stole the rig in the city of Sterling Saturday.



  • 4 people, including a police officer, were treated for injuries
  • 10 vehicles were damaged or destroyed
  • a pedestrian was almost run down in a travel plaza
  • a power pole, street signs, trees, and curbs were damaged


The mayhem ended in the city of Brush when the suspect leaped from the still-moving truck and ran into a house, where he was subdued by the homeowner and arrested by police, according to one media report of the incident.  After being treated for minor injuries in a hospital, the suspect was held in the Morgan County jail.


Police organizations involved in the incident posted details of the event on their Facebook pages:


Law enforcement chased the truck through Brush and west on Highway 34, striking another vehicle and injuring that driver. The truck continued to Barlow Road in Fort Morgan, where a parked and occupied Fort Morgan Police car was rammed at Riverview Avenue, injuring the officer.


Continuing east on I-76, the truck exited the interstate at Hospital Road, and drove through Love’s Truck Stop, nearly hitting a pedestrian, before continuing down Hospital Road to Mill Street.


At the Brush Middle School, the truck attempted to run down a Brush Police officer, who fired at the driver. The truck rammed and destroyed that officer’s unoccupied patrol car.


As the truck turned south on Colorado Avenue, it drove into the oncoming lanes of traffic and struck a northbound car head-on, injuring both occupants.


The driver jumped from the moving semi in the 800 Block of Custer Street and it crashed into two parked vehicles in a front yard. The driver ran into a house at that location before being taken into custody.


Law enforcement also fired on the driver on Highway 34 and inside Brush as they attempted to prevent him from injuring people.


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