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Denver Museum Forced to Close Its Doors: Call For Donations

You are currently viewing Denver Museum Forced to Close Its Doors: Call For Donations
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Denver, Colorado—Denver’s Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys officially closed its doors this week. This local Denver staple will close after decades of being a favorite of families.

The rising cost of living in Colorado has forced many businesses to close. With rents as high as they are, it’s hard for any business to maintain its place in the state. The museum board members are not uncertain about their future.

According to Judi Hamilton, the board’s vice president, due to astronomical prices, even a million dollars does not buy very much. However, they will try to find a way to reopen the museum if they can. Will they be able to do so? It seems relatively unlikely at the moment, sadly.

The stuff from the museum is being moved into temporary storage until they will find a new place.

Hundreds of antique dollhouses were loaded by the movers on Wednesday.

Hamilton said it couldn’t be the worst time for moving. The real estate prices are growing rapidly.

She also mentioned marijuana businesses taking up commercial spaces on visible streets. While marijuana is a hot button issue in the state right now, it seems odd to this writer to blame marijuana businesses for taking up commercial space. After all, the demand is there. And these businesses are legal.

Denver Museum Will Be Remembered Fondly

Denver’s Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys was a lovely place for children. The vice-president of the museum said grandmothers used to bring their children to show the place they used to play when they were little.

According to Hamilton, the museum has been on a year-to-year lease. Even though the museum was given the option to buy the property, at a hefty price, but Hamilton said they could not afford it.

The museum is asking for the public help and accepting donations.

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