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Denver is Potential New Headquarter of Amazon

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SANTA CLARA,CA/USA - FEBRUARY 1, 2014: Amazon building in Santa Clara, California. Amazon is an American international electronic commerce company. It is the world's largest online retailer.
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It was sixteen years ago when a Seattle-based company declared that it was going to move its headquarters to the city which is able to develop it and make it the best deal.

That company was Boeing and it finally chose Chicago over finalists Dallas and Denver.


Now, Amazon, another Seattle company, wants to base its second headquarters somewhere in North America. This time the leaders of Denver decided not to repeat the

As many as 50,000 high-salary jobs and billions of dollars’ worth of investment in the already fast-developing region are at stake.


Amazon’s list of requirements includes such ingredients that Denver already has: a well-experienced workforce, an international airport as well as major universities.

It is to be noted that Denver shows high performance on many lists of Amazon finalists, including the latest analysis done by The New York Times.


These days Denver’s downtown is filled with even more trendy restaurants and breweries compared to 2001. The region has invested billions in mass transit whereas millennials have poured into the state for jobs in the high-tech and energy industries.


The outdoorsy Colorado lifestyle is a central part of the city’s arena to Amazon.


J.J. Ament, the CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. said: “Few places in the United States, in the world, combine our great business climate with our great quality of life”.

The reason that worked against Denver when it was too close to be another headquarters of Boeing was the fact that various towns and cities of the region weren’t together this time. However, at this time, the localities are united. In addition, the state has more economic motivations available.


In contrast to cities which offer Amazon larger tax breaks as well as more cash upfront rather than Denver, Denver offers Amazon a place people want to move to.

Hickenlooper, a Democrat said: “The young people that might be in some other city, and looking for where to not just get a job, but to build a family, build a life, that they are going to be more attracted to Colorado”.


The value of growth

Many Coloradans are suspicious about the idea of extra, Amazon-fostered growth along with the circulation and increasing real estate prices that it could bring.


Andrea Shinn, who grew up in Denver said: “It seems like more people are coming every day, which is wonderful for the economy I suppose,” but I think we’ve been a little sideswiped and people are coming a little faster than we can anticipate.”


However, Shinn also said she understands how the climate and lifestyle draw people to Denver. She hopes that if Amazon chooses Denver the city will not lose its specificities.


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