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Denver Locals Report Craigslist Scam Selling Cars

You are currently viewing Denver Locals Report Craigslist Scam Selling Cars
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If you are looking to buy a used car in Denver area and checking online, be careful of scam. It has been reported that suspected scammers pose as locals and post ads selling cars on Craigslist.


The ads come with many pictures and detailed information. The sellers are posing as locals providing Denver-area phone numbers. When looking through these ads, you can notice the posts are the same. They have the same numbers in mileage and years of cars’ models, even though attached pictures are different.


Sellers who post these ads do not agree to talk on the phone and ask contact them through email instead. If a buyer proceeds and talks to the seller using email, the seller says they do not live in Colorado and ask to send money through eBay and then they would ship a car.


When a seller asks to transfer money using a third party website such as eBay, PayPal or Western Union, it is a red flag, and the buyer should quit the sale immediately. In such cases, after the money is sent, the seller disappears without shipping a car.


Another red flags signaling a scam are asking for personal information, bad grammar and being too pushy about the sale.


Without a doubt, not all sellers on Craigslist are scammers. To avoid scam, it is best to deal only with local sellers who agree to meet in person. You can find additional tips from Craigslist to avoid scam on this page.

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  1. Eric Smithson

    Thanks, this is a very good insight about scam toward the shipping of car using your name.. i personally will follow this instructions stated above..

  2. Pamela

    People have to be vigilant. there are fraudster everywher trying to pose as who they are not. when you want to buy a car make sure you visit the showroom to avoid loosing your money.

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