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Denver Blizzard Leaves Mess Behind

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One of strongest March blizzards in Denver history has left the city. Now Denver has to deal with icy roads, cold weather, and a foot of snow due to the blizzard.

According to the official reports from the station at Denver International Airport, the city received 13.1 inches of snow. It is the 5th largest March snowstorm in Denver since 1800s when the record keeping started. As the temperature changed overnight, the snow turned into ice, making the roads a lot more dangerous. For that reason, a stretch of I-70 eastbound between Pecos Street and Federal Boulevard was closed to avoid accidents.

There also were closures on westbound I-70 between North Airpark Boulevard and Burlington, but the roads were reopened.

Some schools in Denver, Cherry Creek, Aurora and Adams County stayed closed for a second consecutive day.

Snow Plow Drivers Working After Denver Blizzard

On Thursday snow plow drivers will place deicing materials on the streets of Denver where needed. There is also a problem with power outages, as there were about 26,000 people without power at 8:30 AM, according to Xcel Energy. They plan to bring most of the power back by late Thursday with the help of 800 workers.

The temperatures are expected to boost into the 40s, but because of the snow, it will probably not feel that warm.

More snow (2-6 inches) is expected in Denver, as well as in Boulder and Fort Collins, between Friday night and early Saturday.

On Sunday during Easter sunrise services the temperature is expected to be in the 20s, but the sky should be clear. During the day it will be sunny, and the temperature will boost into the 50s.

Next week Denver citizens can expect sunshine and the temperatures going back to the 60s. We’re very lucky that things will return to normal soon; Denver couldn’t handle too much more cold!

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  1. Stacey

    I have a few friends living in Denver right now, and they were telling me about this. Their kids school was closed and everything. Hopefully the weather can clear up and they can resume their normal lives soon!

  2. Jess N

    This was definitely one powerful storm that left Denver and surrounding areas a mess. As a Colorado native it was amazing to watch it come in and quickly back out. It isn’t often you see so many motorists stranded, roads and businesses closed and power outages as we are generally pretty on top of our game when it comes to snow storms! My kids are always happy for a snow day, but more than one day in a row is a real treat except we were stuck at home not able to use the car to go anywhere (because everything was pretty much closed anyway!). It was heart warming though to see the community pull through and help one another out as cars got stuck, were in accidents and neighbors needed help.

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