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Colorado State Patrol Tries New Marijuana DUI Tests In Denver

You are currently viewing Colorado State Patrol Tries New Marijuana DUI Tests In Denver
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Colorado State Patrol is testing new devices that determine the levels of marijuana impairment, as well as of other seven types of drugs. It is a part of their $200,000 3 year-long marijuana pilot program that is funded by marijuana task force. They test different devices that they hope will help the troopers catch marijuana impaired drivers. These devices can show the type of drug used and the level of impairment.


In March, troopers across Colorado were testing one of the devices to check if it is simple enough to use them and how effective they are in determining the drug impairment in drivers.


There are five devices and they use saliva to check the impairment levels. They are used differently – some need to be swabbed above the tongue, and some below.


In Colorado, a driver is considered marijuana impaired when he or she has over 5 nanograms of THC in their blood. The devices were tested when troopers were arresting drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. After giving a blood test, a trooper would ask the driver if they wanted to volunteer in the DUI Marijuana Pilot Program. Fewer than 100 tests have been given so far.


The tests are voluntary and can’t affect the decision of an officer to arrest the suspect. Although, it is still not clear if these test results can be used in court.


The data collected from tests will also help Colorado State Patrol see if there have been more marijuana impaired drivers on the roads after the Amendment 64 has been passed.


Before any decisions are made on what device to use, Colorado State Patrol plans to gather 2 years’ worth of data.

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  1. Marshia Taylor

    Wow! I’ve never heard of this, but it is a good idea. Especially for those who get fired from their jobs because they can’t pass the drug test. I mean, they may have smoked at night, in their home, but yet, they are fired from work because it stays in your system for 30 days.

  2. robbyrob

    I think this is a good thing to be honest. There needs to be some type of regulation when it comes to marijuana consumption. I am all for the legalization of marijuana but I am also of the “let’s be responsible” mindset. I think with this everyone wins. Law enforcement feels safe they can monitor drivers driving under the influence and if this works, this might help other states consider legalization. I’m always reading how state officials say they don’t want to legalize it because there is not way to screen for it. This might be the answer they are looking for.

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