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Colorado man dies while skiing

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DENVER, Colorado – Officials report that a Colorado man perished while skiing.

Additionally, authorities added the incident happened on Friday afternoon.

Officials are reporting that the man planned to meet his friends at a backcountry lodge. Helpfully, they identified this lodge as the Polar Star Inn. Additionally, many visitors consider this lodge to be very popular.

Officials say the man was celebrating his birthday. Specifically, they added it was his 21st birthday.

Officers report that the Colorado man planned to ski his way to the Polar Star Inn to meet his friends. Then, they added that the man deviated from the usual path at some point. Currently, officials are not elaborating on the time and location of the man’s route change.

Authorities identified the male victim as Paul Cuthbertson. Furthermore, officials added that he was an accomplished skier. Moreover, he lived in the Eagle and Summit counties his whole life.

Informatively, the Polar Star Inn is part of the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association. Additionally, the Polar Star Inn is located right below timberline. It’s on the west side of New York Mountain.

The victim’s friends report that they began to search for him early Saturday morning.

Sadly, weather officials confirmed that the weather conditions on Friday were not favorable. Moreover, officials in the area confirmed that the weather was snowy and windy.

Eagle County coroner Kara Bettis examined the body. However, she has not yet released a cause of death to the public.

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