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Breast Cancer Awareness is Benefitted by the Drink Pink Campaign

You are currently viewing Breast Cancer Awareness is Benefitted by the Drink Pink Campaign
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DENVER, CO:  Helping to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and presentation, Keep A Breast Foundation and Modern Market Eatery have partnered up. Modern Market Eatery is a Denver-based, fast-fine restaurant operator and franchiser.

Breast Cancer and Drink Pink Campaign

Until Friday, October 16, Modern Market and its sister company, Lemonade, are encouraging their customers to drink pink. The better-for-you fast-casual concept will be donating 20% of its pink lemonade sales from all locations throughout the week to the Keep A Breast Foundation. Especially during the remaining hot days left, a cold beverage goes down well and is delicious.

Keep A Breast Foundation is A 501 non-profit organization. In turn, this organization focuses on breast cancer prevention and education. In fact, the foundation was founded in 2000. It has spent two decades empowering young people around the world through breast health education and support.

Keep A Breast’s mission of empowerment provides healthy but delicious food options Modern Market aligns itself with these goals. In addition, Modern Market’s goal wants to empower those to take their health into their own hands.

Making a Difference in People’s Lives, Continued Partnership, Shared values

“At Modern Market, we are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives,” said Beth Hardy, Vice President of Marketing for Modern Market Eatery. “Keep A Breast’s core values of empowerment and education go hand-in-hand with ours. We are thrilled to be continuing this partnership for the second year in a row. In fact, this partnership helps prevent this pervasive and devastating disease.”

About Modern Market Eatery

Founded in 2009, Modern Market Eatery has been on a mission to nurture happiness from the inside out by making it easy to eat clean, nurturing, and delicious food. Moreover, the brand does this through scratch-cooking in every restaurant, clean, sustainable, and ethically raised ingredients, and saying no to preservatives, antibiotics, and anything artificial.

For more information, visit or check the restaurant brand on Instagram.

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