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Some days on the road can feel harder than others. But there is nothing that a good laugh can’t fix! We firmly believe in the health benefits of cracking up from time to time. So, we decided to do a little web search to find some of the best trucker jokes out there. And they are short enough to have a laugh while filling your tank.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did and that they cheer your day up!   

Breaking News: A man dies run over by a truck on his way to the movies… He didn’t see the trailer!

Why are truck drivers always in accidents?

Because they are semi drivers.

One time, Chuck Norris peed in the gas tank of a semi-truck as a practical joke. That truck is now known as Optimus Prime.

A truck carrying Vicks VapoRub overturned on the highway, amazingly there was no congestion for 8 hours straight.

Why Are Truckers Like Dogs?
They piss on tires, chase cars, live in a box, and once in a while get to bury the bone.

How do you say JB Hunt in German?   


Why do women have it harder in the trucking business?
Because they take 9 months to deliver their load.

A truck driver stops next to a hooker and asks, “Hello, beautiful. How much do you charge?”

The hooker answers, “$100 and I’ll do anything!”

The truck driver nods and says, “Great! You can start unloading the truck.”

A trucker arrives home and her husband asks her, “Honey, did you bring anything for dinner?”
The trucker shrugs and says, “I don’t know! Why don’t you go check under the bumper.”

What did you think of these jokes? Did they make you crack up? If you know any other trucker jokes, don’t forget to share them in the comments!

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