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Avoid Being Scammed by the Infamous Colorado Robo-Callers!

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Have you ever picked up your phone and had to deal with an automated operator, or “robo-callers”? As if these calls weren’t bad enough, the numbers for them steadily rise with tax season. And Denver comes on top with over 75.5 million robo-callers in Colorado within the last month.

Sometimes these automated machines evoke the fear in us. Some claim to be IRS or flimsy alerts, although all of them can still frighten you if you’re not prepared.

Across the nation there were 5.2 billion robo-calls last month. And even though wrapping your head around such a large number seems like a struggle in of itself, 75.5 million of those happened in Colorado. On average, this is more than 13.2 spam calls a person in Colorado— within a month!

The Federal Communications Commission establishes that the top consumer complaint is scammers and robo-callers. But they came up with some helpful tips.

There are some ways to avoid dealing with robo-callers and spammers.  Firstly, make sure you know a number before you pickup the phone. Next, remember that local area codes don’t always mean local callers. Another important tip is to not respond to any question, especially those that may have a “yes” or “no” answer. Lastly, and most importantly, try to not give out personal information.  

If you ever think that it is a legitimate government call, look online to make sure the numbers match up. Also, the FCC suggests putting your number on the “Do Not Call List.

So, have you had to deal with an eerily convincing robo-caller before?

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