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Alternatives to Driving Urged by the Employee Traffic Reduction Program

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Alternatives exist to get to work without using the traditional model of driving your own car there. But for many commuters, remember what it was like to travel on roads before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they did not consider the alternatives or thought they had to. “There was a lot of traffic,” said commuter Kerry McClain. “In fact, my commute was always total gridlock.” “Coming in late because they got in an accident or because there’s a traffic jam,” said Sara Jackson Shumate. However, with some jobs, you can, indeed, now work anywhere. That’s where the remote options come in. But for people, who still go into an office, there is a challenge of commuting once again as restrictions are lifted, and employees are called back into the workplace. So that jars the memory once again of traffic jams and long waits in your cars commuting.

Alternatives Geared Toward Employees With Than 100 Employees

However, what we have learned about work since the pandemic began is there may be a silver lining of COVID-19. In Denver, Colorado, there is the bold, new and controversial plan. It is called the Employee Traffic Reduction Program or ETRP. Thus, it would require employers with more than 100 employees to think up alternatives on how to get to work.

Different Modes of Transportation

“In fact, it could, in fact, be van-pooling, shuttles, passes for public transportation,” Clark said. “Therefore, the goal is to get the workers out of their single-occupancy vehicles, hopefully.”

Moreover, we are taking ETRP for a 360 spin. This is with a growth and geography expert who, in fact, is looking at the approach with caution. In fact, the county commissioner is slowing things down. There is a Colorado company that does see the momentum behind the movement. In fact, we will start with more from the state’s top air quality guy who is very knowledgeable.

Incentives like ride-sharing services, bus and train pass, as well as showers and lockers for those who bike, run or walk to work is what Clark does think companies can, in fact, offer their employees.

Alternatives – Mandatory Plan

In fact, the ETRP is going to make it mandatory for the companies. They will be required to come up with a plan. However, it is not mandatory for the employees to follow it.

“Also if the employees don’t choose to not utilize those options, the employer is not penalized for that,” Clark said.

Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The state of Colorado thinks it could have a big impact. “Moreover, we could really achieve 750,000 tons per year reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025,” Clark said. It would amount to the equivalent of taking 187,000 cars off Colorado roads.

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