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A Nonprofit Company is Behind a Local Marijuana Ballot Question

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A nonprofit Initiated Ordinance 300 is asking voters in a Southwestern U.S. state to weigh in on two different questions. Both aim at raising the sales taxes on recreational marijuana in November. It wants to raise the marijuana sales tax by 1.5% starting in January 2022. It would be about 15 cents on every $10 purchase.

Also one of the questions is a statewide ballot initiative that is asking to raise the sales tax by 5%. That would actually fund the after-school programs. There is another one that is a local ballot question. It would only affect consumers in the city and county of Denver.

There is a tax increase that is projecting to bring in $7 million annually to support pandemic research. That is to fund through the University of Colorado at Denver’s CityCenter program.

Moreover, the Denver sales tax on recreational marijuana is 5.5% not including the current 15% statewide sales tax.

Nonprofit Companies – Marijuana and Pandemic Packages

The social nonprofit is knowning as Guarding Against Pandemics is crafting the proposing ordinance and funding them in its entirety.

They are also behind what is being calling a big blitz. Moreover, to push on a federal level for Congress to, in fact, pass a $30 billion pandemic package that is supporting by President Joe Biden.

Following the Rules

“Moreover, there are really very few limits of who can put issues on the ballot. That is as long as they follow the rules,” said Andy Szekeres. He is the campaign finance administrator for the City and County of Denver.

Roughly $540,000 has been spending on this ballot question by the organization. It goes to paying for polling, consulting fees, research, and running the campaign itself.

Szekeres has said: “We’ve never seeing an out-of-state entity which is fully funding by a local ballot measure.”

A 501 (c) (4) nonprofit, Guarding Against Pandemics, federal law is not requiring the group to disclose who its donors are. Also, where its funding does come from.

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