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A Juvenile Arrested in Shooting of Teen Near a Denver Middle School

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DENVER, Colorado — A teen boy arrested by police in connection of a shooting occurred Tuesday afternoon near a Denver Middle School. The incident left a child in critical condition, according to police.

As the investigation is ongoing, the juvenile is being kept for investigation of aggravated assault. This is according to a Wednesday morning Denver police tweet. The boy’s name was not released. The reason for that is that he is a juvenile. Therefore, police will keep his name a secret until he gets a conviction. Despite that, the public is clamoring for the boy’s name after he shot a fellow young person.

The child stays in critical condition, due to the tweet. There is no information about the child, his identity has also not been released yet.

Denver School Shooting Rocks Community

The shooting took place around 2 p.m. on a grassy area outside DSST Cole Middle School’s Mitchell Building in the 3200 blocks of Marion Street in northeast Denver. Police don’t know much as of now in terms of what happened to cause this horrible event. They’ll likely release more information in the future, though, so check back to see if we learn more.

Police have not confirmed whether either of the boys was students at the school.

A Denver Public Schools crisis team was brought in to support students and staff following the shooting. Police escorted groups of the middle school children out a back door of the school to a neighboring auditorium building, where parents anxiously waited to show their IDs and be allowed to embrace their kids and take them home.

Some children cried, while others talked about problems with violence in the neighborhood that made them nervous to attend class. Hearing that kids are afraid to go to school is truly heartbreaking. Hopefully Denver can rally to help kids feel safe again.

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