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30 Years in Prison For Killing a 17-Year-Old in Denver McDonald’s Parking

You are currently viewing 30 Years in Prison For Killing a 17-Year-Old in Denver McDonald’s Parking
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Denver, Colorado— A 22-year-old man was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment on a second –degree murder charge by a Denver District Court judge. After killing a teenager in a McDonald’s parking lot, the man will face justice.

An accused man identified as Francisco Gonzalez shot and killed a teenager in McDonald’s parking lot. The police arrested him soon thereafter. He then went to jail to await his trial. With the trial finally concluding today, a dangerous man will leave Denver’s streets for a long time.

Killing After Collision in McDonald’s Parking Lot

The shooting happened after Gonzalez car collided with the car of a 17-year-old victim in the parking lot of McDonald’s in the 2800 block of West Alameda Avenue in Denver’s Athmar Park Neighborhood.

According to the press release from the Denver District Attorney’s office 22-year –old Gonzalez was first charged with first-degree murder in November.

Gonzalez shot 17-year-old Steve Soledad-Lopez after the collision. The men got into a fight that quickly escalated into a tragedy. The boy went to Denver Health medical center, where he died from his wounds. He leaves behind family members who are mourning the loss of their young son.

Francisco Gonzalez ran away from the scene, according to the release. His attempts to run away from the police succeeded at first. However, Colorado police were able to track him down and find him traveling a few states over.

Gonzalez attempted to leave Colorado for California on a bus. However, the police found and arrested him at a scheduled bus stop in Las Vegas. The police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Gonzalez had previously plead guilty to a second-degree burglary charge in 2016. The courts clearly decided that Gonzalez wasn’t a serious danger to the community. Unfortunately, the courts were wrong in this instance.

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