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Counties Move to a Severe Risk Level on State’s COVID-19 dial

November 19, 2020

Counties Need to go Toward Stricter COVID-19 Restrictions 15 counties, including Denver, will need to move toward stricter COVID-19 ...Read More


Survivalist Camp is Preparing for Post-Election Turmoil

November 2, 2020

Survivalist Camp is Gearing Up for the Worst Come Election Day A survivalist community in southern Colorado is gearing up for the wo...Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness is Benefitted by the Drink Pink Campaign

October 14, 2020

DENVER, CO:  Helping to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and presentation, Keep A Breast Foundation...Read More


The Dead Bird Mystery is Due to a Myriad of Factors

September 25, 2020

Denver, CO - There is a strange phenomenon is taking where huge numbers of migratory birds are dying which began this month. Typically, birds don't die in plain sight. But now, the birds are foun...Read More

Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita Mexican’t Reopen Just Yet

September 4, 2020

DENVER, CO - Casa Bonita, the Lakewood Mexican Restaurant, won't welcome back guests anytime soon as the pandemic continues. If I said to ...Read More

denver officer

Denver Officer Breaks Face Of Teenager

July 31, 2020

Denver, CO - Video is surfacing of a Denver officer detaining a teenager and assaulting him. Malow Mayek was 17 when he was walking home and singing to himself. ...Read More


Diversity In Denver Cannabis Is Low

July 7, 2020

Denver, CO - Diversity among cannabis business owners is extremely low. A study shows that 75% of all Denver Cannabis business owners are white while 5% are African American. ...Read More


Armenian Genocide Monument Defaced By Riots

June 1, 2020

A monument dedicated to the awareness of the Armenian Genocide has been defaced by rioters. This comes during a time of national unrest over the actions of Police and the unnecessary force used a...Read More

contact tracing

Contact Tracing Coming From Apple And Google

April 30, 2020

Among the many tools used in the fight against the global pandemic, officials utilize a practice known as contact tracing to help identify hotspots of potential spread. Essentially, it involves r...Read More

commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Boom Ended By Covid

April 16, 2020

Prior to the economic downturn resulting from the spread of coronavirus, Denver's commercial real estate market enjoyed strong growth. However, covid-19 changed everything. ...Read More

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