Moving Scooters into Bike Lanes

DENVER, CO. – According to Denver City Law, scooters are only available for use on the sidewalks. Although, a recent update to the Lyft app, suggests that the users take advantage of the bike lanes. When attempting...Read More

denver smart city

“Smart City”: What Will Sensor Network Give to Denver?

DENVER, Colorado -- One Million dollars will be given to Denver from Bloomberg Philanthropies to fund a network of an air-quality sensor at local schools. Due to city officials, “Smart City” technology is expected to...Read More

Denver fund

$1 Million Will be Funded to Denver For the Air-Quality Sensors at Schools

Denver, Colorado -- Denver will be funded from Bloomberg Philanthropies at the amount of $ 1 million.   The fund will be allocated to the network of air-quality sensors at local schools – ‘’ a smart city...Read More

Denver apartment rent

Weird Thing is Happening with The Apartment Rent Price in Denver

Denver, Colorado -A very strange thing is happening in Denver. Apartment rent price dropped down to $1464 from $1484. The decline makes up $19 a month or 1.3 percent.   The average apartment rent in metro Denv...Read More

Denver jobs

Denver Metro Has 6.000 Jobs That Pay $100.000 or More

Denver, Colorado – A career site for high-wage positions mentioned 6000 jobs that pay $100.000 or more a month. This is in regard to employers of Denver metro.   According to the CEO of the career site Marc ...Read More

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