Denver Weather

The Result of Having Lack of Snow This Year in Colorado

It has been clear for all the Coloradans that they haven't had that much snowfall this season - but that doesn't mean it will stay that way. Snow isn't making many arrivals in Denver this season so far. The snow and ice we saw Monday was one of...Read More

Denver Truck

Life-threatening Influence of Driving Semi-trucks in the Neighborhoods

Every parent worries about their kids and it is a normal thing. Thus, a dad in North Denver is concerned his kid might be hit by a semi-truck while walking to school. Everyone calls him Rey G and he lives close to Garden Place Elementary in the Gl...Read More

Car Denver

Don’t Leave Valuables In Car: 10 Most Stolen Cars in Metro Denver

Since 2014, metro Denver auto thefts have risen 65 percent. That is according to Coloradans Against Auto Theft, or CAAT.   The rise of the number of robberies comes as more people with cars come to Colorado, increasing the number of availa...Read More

Amazon in Denver

Denver is Potential New Headquarter of Amazon

It was sixteen years ago when a Seattle-based company declared that it was going to move its headquarters to the city which is able to develop it and make it the best deal. That company was Boeing and it finally chose Chicago over finalists Dallas...Read More

Rentals in Denver

The One Metro Area in Denver Where Rentals Are Decreasing

Rent prices in metro Denver are finally starting to become balanced, but they are still up by a reasonable amount over this time last year. This tendency continues in the latest Denver rent report for September.   However, the prices are h...Read More

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